Literally laundering money to educate GA Gov Brian Kemp

Hey Brian Kemp and APD, since you have collecting bail money confused with laundering money, I thought I’d launder some right in front of your faces so you can understand the difference!

Now I have some clean money(even if it’s just a couple bucks…), though there isn’t enough soap in this whole state to wash your filthy campaign cash.

The Atlanta Police Department raids “teardown house,” arrests three people for allegedly managing the Stop Cop City BAIL FUND.

Video by Boudigga comparing Ga Gov Brian Kemp to the Hunger Game’s President Snow

heads up! The Atlanta Police Department just raided the “teardown house” and arrested three people for allegedly managing the Stop Cop City BAIL FUND.Supposedly bailing other people out of the Dekalb County Jail is now “money laundering.” I suppose lawyers who don’t argue for their clients to be jailed are next?

This is a MAJOR, MAJOR break with the longstanding rules of engagement of both peaceful protest and of property-damage only direct action. It means the rules as both activists and police have understood them no longer apply, it appears that anything goes.

Mr Brian Kemp,your threats and your provocations are just more fuel into the fires. You have chosen to treat forest defenders as insurgents, so as insurgents some shall be forced to act. That declaration went out on Scenes within hours of your assault on the Teardown House.

Proud Boys, “Moms4Liberty” turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting to circus over Disney film

Proud Boys, so-called “Moms4Liberty” turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting into circus with anti-LGBTQ hate. All this was over the Disney movie “strange world” which simply includes a Gay character in a movie about saving the world.

This Disney film was played for a 5th grade class, so Nazis and Christian nationalists are stirring up hate and call. Proud Boys speaker Robert Christenson (AKA “Based Spartan”) gave a ranting speech sounding like Hitler himself, screaming about “alpha men.”

The Proud Boys, Moms4Liberty, and all their supporters were outnumbered about 2-1 by supporters of keeping the banned books and Disney movie available

Critical Mass Orlando takes to the streets

Video of 2nd half of ride, as part of the ride continues to the Mill District.

This ride was smaller than the others as the starting point had to move to accomodate the Orlando Fringe Festival. A false report that the May ride would be the last due to police pressure on organizers turned out to be total crap. Critical Mass is alive and well and riding in Orlando!

DeSantis’s “Twitter Fail” Presidential announcement draws protesters to 4 Seasons Miami

Iron Snowflake video of the protest outside:

Far right extremist Laura Loomer’s video(originally posted to Twitter) of Women’s Voices of SW Florida activists eating pudding inside the Four Seasons:

On the 24th of May, Florida’s fascist and theocratic extremist governor Ron DeSantis formally announced he is running for President in 2024. This announcement was delayed over a half hour by “problems” at Twitter of unknown origin. In Miami, his supporters were beginning a two day retreat at the Four Seasons Miami. This drew a small number of pro-Trump protesters and a large number of anti-GOP/anti-Fascist/anti-theocratic protesters. At least three of the latter got inside the event before being expelled.

Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis
Two of the three protesters who emerged from the Four Seasons after sucessfully getting inside
This image has been widely circulated to mock the 1/2 hour of Twitter dead air that delayed DeSantis’s so-called “launch”

Abortion Rights activists march in Ft Lauderdale, FL

On the 20th of May, protesters marched through the streets of downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL for abortion rights. A key chant of the march was “Free State? Where’s my freedom!”

In addition to the march, activists collected signatures for the statewide ballot referendum to protect abortion fights in FL and torpedo Ron DeathSantis’s antichoice agenda.

At Ft lauderdale City Hall

Beyond Extreme Energy, 3ed Act blockade FERC against Manchin, MVP

On the 18th of May, Beyond Extreme Energy and 3ed Act backed up frontline activists, descending on the monthly meeting of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Protesters blocked the driveway with rocking chairs and protrayed the Commissioners as puppets of W Va Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin is still promoting coal, fracking, and the infamous Mountain Valley Pipeline or MVP.

Cops managed to force the elders in rocking chairs blocking FERC’s driveway to move, only to effectively do their job for them by blocking the driveway themselves afterwards.

FERC for many years has had a reputation as the gas/fracking industry’s rubber stamp for eminent domain. Recently there were hopeful signs of change, only for these hopes to be squashed by the greed of Senator Joe Manchin, who never met a fossil fuel project he didn’t like.

Manchin’s behavior may bear more bitter fruit than even he expected. He has blocked expanding the Supreme Court, and has protected the filibuster so the GOP can abolish it on their own watch for a strategic advantage. If the wave of violent hate wracking the South unleashed by SCOTUS’s anti-abortion Dobbs decision leads to civil war, Manchin’s choices will harvest a fruit as bitter as juice from a citrus-rust damaged, shrunken and mottled Florida orange.

FERC’s driveway blockaded(photo by BXEaction)
FERC commissioners protrayed as puppets of Sen Joe Manchin (D but defacto R-Wva)(photo by BXEaction)

Defenders of Lakeland Women’s Health Center protest ribbon cutting for fake clinic next door

Antiabortion extremists have developed a nasty habit of opening fake clinics loaded with Bible propaganda next to abortion clinics. On the 16th of March, one of these fake clinics next to Lakeland Women’s Health Center in Florida held a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony drew an angry and noisy protest from defenders of the legitimate clinic and from Occupy Polk.

The pairs of real and fake clinics are becoming reminescent of the pairs of opposing castles that were often built along European rivers that formed front lines between contending powers, especially in France. All clinics in places like Florida with religious extremists dominating the state government are effectively under siege.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputy Capt Billy Strickland appeared to participate in as well as defend the ribbon cutting ceremony. He was seen seated in the middle of the crowd under the tent during the ceremony, not standing apart to defend it. Interestingly, he donated $88.30 to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s reelection campaign. 88 is a well-known Nazi symbol meaning “HH” or Heil Hitler. Adolf Hitler became Chanceller of Germany on Jan 30 1933. Unknown if this is intentional or a cooincidence. In addition, he shot two people while on duty back in 2021, supposedly for trying to ram him with a car.

Up on the fence wall defending the legitimate clinic

Polk County Sheriff’s deputy Capt Billy Strickland in green w star on arm. He appears here to be a participant rather than police defender of the ribbon cutting

Let’s talk about “Bare Shelves DeSantis”

With FL SB1718’s brutal provisions forcing a trucking boycott, predictions are out for serious shortages of groceries (and yes, toilet paper…) starting in a bit over two weeks.

The video below is NOT verified by anyone but reportedly has gone viral. Might be a store that can’t get shipments because their regular driver parked his rig. Might just be cleaning the shelves. Regardless of the situation at this isolated store, we may soon be seeing this for real all over Florida as trucks stop and groceries and gas run out.

After that we will see NATIONAL shortages as most of Florida’s crops rot in the fields. We’ve all seen the videos of abandoned construction sites and farm fields. Sorry AmeriKKKa, it’s just too dangerous for many migrants to consider going to Florida to work right now.