DeSantis’s “Twitter Fail” Presidential announcement draws protesters to 4 Seasons Miami

Iron Snowflake video of the protest outside:

Far right extremist Laura Loomer’s video(originally posted to Twitter) of Women’s Voices of SW Florida activists eating pudding inside the Four Seasons:

On the 24th of May, Florida’s fascist and theocratic extremist governor Ron DeSantis formally announced he is running for President in 2024. This announcement was delayed over a half hour by “problems” at Twitter of unknown origin. In Miami, his supporters were beginning a two day retreat at the Four Seasons Miami. This drew a small number of pro-Trump protesters and a large number of anti-GOP/anti-Fascist/anti-theocratic protesters. At least three of the latter got inside the event before being expelled.

Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis
Two of the three protesters who emerged from the Four Seasons after sucessfully getting inside
This image has been widely circulated to mock the 1/2 hour of Twitter dead air that delayed DeSantis’s so-called “launch”

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